jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Pre-week assigment

A)I am your friend. I don’t work in education. You are talking to me about the idea that we all learn from each other, in all kinds of contexts, and that this can often be richer than more formal classroom based learning. I am sceptical. Tell me about an informal learning experience you have had online in which collaboration was involved, show me a concrete example to help me to see what you mean.
In our daily live we all learn from our environment. Therefore our students also learn more when they share their knowledge. Realia is essential in our classes. In fact, I know that my students have learnt something when they are able to explain that to their partners.

In fact, collaboration is necessary in order to achieve whatever we want. All the monuments has been built in collaboration, everything in our world is built in collaborations. Even Ancient civilizations built big Empires because they worked in a collaborative way!!

Taken from this site http://web2097.blogspot.com/2007/07/web-20-medical-collaboration-with-no.html

The understanding of the word collaboration is necessary when we talk about Web 2.0. In school I have used this tool. At the moment I am using a blog (blogmeister). I have a blog and my students have their own blog too. They are doing some activities and they post them on the blog, they share information, they write comments on each other blog and I can control the comments since blogmeister allows me to do that.

B) We all explore new technologies, some grab our attention more than others, some seem revolutionary, others simply bore us. Tell us about that new tool, or set of tools, you have just discovered that really excites you, talk about the potential it has to change your work. What do you want to do with it?

A new tool? Well there are so many tools that I have discovered. In fact, I discover new tools almost everyday. But not all of them can be applied to my classes. One I really love are podcast (podomatic). I think that my students can record and practise orally, an aspect that we do not do a lot in the class. Then they can put it on their blog.

C) Do you see yourself as a pioneer? Do you think you are more innovative than others in your organisation? Do you think your organisation is lagging behind? Tell us how you feel about this?

I do not see myself as a pioneer, the only thing is that I love trying new things in my classes. I love learning new activities to do in my classes so that I can improve them. However it is not easy because in my school there are not enough tools to do it easily. Moreover, most of the other teachers hate new technologies. Otherwise I love them and I will go on trying them in my classes.