miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Module 1 Section 2

In your blog, describe your experience playing with your avatar’s appearance: do you feel comfortable with your new appearance or is it going to take more work – share your reflections on this. How do you feel the changes you made to your avatar have affected your digital identity? How do you think your appearance affects your interactions with others and their interactions with you?

My first experience was starting to change my own appearance, that part was quite easy and funny.
Then GO SHOPPING!!! I do not like going shopping but I love shopping from my house. So I had quite fun, although it was difficult for me to understand how it worked. I had to try to ask and ask a lot to other people who I found there. First of all I went to the market where I did not understand anything. Later I moved around other places and I started to find other people and ask. Most of them were very nice to me, and they explained that to me.

I love the way my avatar looks although I still want to change my wig. I would like to have a better wig. I have long curly hair since I was 1 year old and I look for one of them. I created the one I am wearing now, but I do not like it a lot. Well, I will go on looking for more and buying more. I find it very funny.

I think I do not look like my avatar because I do not wear fashionable clothes. I always were comfortable clothes. Moreover, I practise sport and I usually wear sport clothes. Thus I think my avatar looks different, maybe because I would like to dress very fashion but I do not have time.

I hope to look quite nice to others, though I know everybody is different. For me the appearance is not important... being kind is more important to me!!



(I changed my hair)

You can go to the forum and see more photos about my change.

sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2008

Module 1 My first experience in SL

Downloading the programme I had not problems, but I had problems to create my appearance, I end up in that way!!!

I could say, that my first feeling in SL was horrible. I did not understand anything.

But once I tried to move and to fly, it was funnier, but I have never been able to sit anywhere. I tried to talk to two people but only one answered me. :-(

I still find it quite difficult, I suppose I need more experience. I have been travelling around. I went to Barcelona, la plaça del pi. It was interesting, I met there a person, but something happened to my computer but I couldn't answer him. I was suddendly disconnecte.

Later, I tried to enter again, I wanted to go to MUVEnation ISLAND, but I couldn't. Is it not existing yet? What do I have to do to go to MUVEnation ISLAND?

Well my main objective is to learn soon to be on Second life and to have nicer adventures.