lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

Module 1 Section 3 Activity 4


Well sometimes it was not so easy to define objective and criteria. We were a group but only 3 of us appeared. Moreover, not all of us were able to attend all the times.

We met several times and we worked. Xabier was one of the best, he was very well-organized and he helped us a lot. But Azu is great too. My problem was that I was leaving on 19th and I was arriving on 23rd. So I was quite out of work. But at the end I could do everything.

I loved working with Azu and Xabier. But the problem is the timetables... I don't have so much time to meet people and spend all the days on-line. We are working and collaboration in groups takes a lot of time. Today we have spend 4 hours together, and that is a lot. And most of the days was like that. Can you imagine how many hours did we spend in this section 3? A lot, more and more than what you told us, although I have learnt a lot.

I feel quite well, and it has been great to work with them.

Xabier, Azu and me (one of our last meetings)

MODULE 1 Section 3 Activity 1

Describe you explored places

It has been a pleasure to discover all these places. I will tell you the places I have visited:

Here are some characteristics

Here you can find more information, in order that your students have fun:

Have Fun, And Learn1
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