lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

SL after 8 months!!!!


If I take a look around me, I would claim I am living a real Second Life. I would have never thought about that a year ago. Whenever I am in SL, I forget about my FIRST LIFE.
After doing the activities in EXPLORING ACTIVE AND OTHER LEARNING APPROACHES, I am exhausted and happy at the same time. But it has been hard.
My first successful and unsuccesful story started when I had to prepare the exhibition tool. I started to choose a tool but when I went to the MUVEnation Island that tool was alredy done. This happened me twice. At the end I found a wonderful tool called INTERWRITE which was to prepare TEST for pupils and you could assess them. It is a wonderful tool. But it was horrible when I went to XLstreet trying to buy the tool. Horrible! I realised my English was horrible. I didn't understand the rules I had to follow. But after so so many hours I got it. It was wonderful. Ere helped me with the photo and the preparation of the exhibition. I was so excited with my exhibition. But suddenly, the story was sad when I could see that my tool had disappeared from the exhibition. Who had stolen it? That was my question. A never answered question.

My second successful and unsuccesful story started after the exhibition. I received a Holodeck but I damaged it. HORRIBLE!! I was the worst student in MUVEnation. Luckily, Ere and Paz tried to do their best to give it new one. At first, it seemed impossible. They told me it was to expensive and so on. But Paz tried to do her best again and Locki (who I don't know and who I don't know who to say thanks) gave me a new HOLODECK. While everything happened, I tried to build everything using BUDDY BUILDER which was also funny. I took some videos from YOUTUBE and I tried to build. I learnt more. Once I got the new Holodeck I forgot about Buddy Builder because I really wanted to know what exactly was HOLODECK. I was excited but extremelly worried at the same time. I will never forget when I met Ere and she was giving me the orders. I was so so nervous that I felt like a child who starts walking. I followed Ere orders but we didn't get it. I followed Ere orders but I was reading at the same time the photocopies prepared on Holodeck. We didn't success. But then I got again the tutorial about Holodeck and I worked on my own. I sometimes tried it and it was very successful. Then I prepare the scene. You can see it on my platform. I had some problems but I succeded. However I had a wall in the middle, which I couldn't enter because I was not allowed. However I also liked my Holodeck without the wall.

My last successful story was my lovely story. You can see my sun!!!!! since I am called SUNflower!! I enjoyed it... and the best thing is that I did it on my own.

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